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What to see in Belgrade

5 suggestions for what to see in Belgrade

Belgrade, a city of rich history and art. For culture lovers, this city is an ideal place to explore. Whether you are a tourist from abroad or just a short trip to this great city, don't miss the opportunity to see all the beauty it has to offer. Considering the size of the city and the wide range of sightseeing options, we advise you to get up early.

Start your day with a morning walk along Zemunski Quay, drink a cup of hot coffee in a nearby cafe with a view of the Danube, and then plan your day.

If you are in Belgrade for the first time, we believe that you will not be able to decide on your own where to go first, so we will help you.

What to see in Belgrade

What to see in Belgrade

- Kalemegdan is the heart of Belgrade. It is claimed with beautiful parks. It has an area of ​​about 57ha, and if you are a fan of walking, this is the right place for you. The fortress is located on a hill, and extends from it view of the city. Here you can see different museums, a Roman well and even a pond. If you are an adventurer, it is also possible to rent a boat.

- The Church of St. Sava, the largest Orthodox church in the world. It is designed in the Byzantine style, and it is unavoidable is a place for all tourists. In front of the temple there is also a monument to Saint Sava, which was cast in bronze.

- Belgrade Zoo - garden of good hope. It is located in the area of ​​small Kalemegdan. This is the most visited attraction in Belgrade, with an average attendance of about 400,000 visitors per year. It is open every day, and is the perfect place for your little ones.

- Botanical garden "Jevremovac", paradise in the center of Belgrade. For lovers of nature and greenery, this is a must location to visit when in Belgrade. Escape from the crowd, noise and hectic lifestyle, at least for a short while and discover the charms of this botanical garden. If you like plants, it is interesting that the collection of Josif Pančić can be found in this complex under the name Herbarium Pancicarum. A special and perhaps the most beautiful part of this garden is the Japanese Garden. It's official opened in 2004 and the idea was supported by Japan, which provided financial support resources

- Aviation Museum, located next to the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade. The very offer and collection of aircraft is fascinating. Here we can see airplanes even from the last century. The most famous exhibits are the airplane of Ivan Saric, the biplane fighter Njepor B1 (Nieuport B1), Messerschmitt ME-109 (Messerschmitt BF-109), English hurricane (Hawker Hurricane MK IV), Spitfire (Spitfire MK Vc),... The regular ticket price is 600 dinars, but the museum approves special prices for citizens of Serbia as well as for children.

After visiting this great city, if you need rest or accommodation for the night, contact us and be sure that your day was perfect.

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