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Easter in Serbia

Easter in Belgrade

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus was crucified on a Friday and resurrected on the third day, so Easter always falls on a Sunday.

The main feature of Easter is egg painting. This tradition is very old and is considered to originate from the time before the martyrdom of Christ. Eggs are a symbol of birth and victory over death. When the eggshell breaks, new life emerges from the egg. Hence this symbolism.

On Easter day, Christians greet each other with "Hristos Vaskrse" and respond with "Vaistinu Vaskrse".

Easter in Belgrade

Egg painting begins with the legend that Christ will come to life when a roasted hen takes flight and lays a red egg. In the next moment, that also happened, and Christ ascended to heaven. This is just one of many legends, but the conclusion of each is identical - the eggs are dyed in memory of the innocent blood shed and the resurrection of Christ.

Custom dictates that the first egg be dyed exactly red and that egg stays in the house, as its guardian. This holiday is especially loved by children and many customs are practiced with the youngest.

On the day of Easter, bells are heard from all Orthodox churches in the morning, thus signifying Christian joy. In some regions, sweets and eggs are hidden for children around the house or yard, and somewhere the housewife prepares water for washing at dawn. Dogwood, basil and a red egg are put in the water. This has the symbolism of happiness and health.

If a guest comes to the house on Easter, he is given eggs.

For the youngest, the favorite part of Easter is the family lunch and beating eggs. The winner is the one whose egg remains whole. As we mentioned, the egg is a symbol of life, and the color red is a symbol of joy. That's why children are given a red egg for Easter - to have a beautiful life full of joy.

In the past, customs dictated that Easter be spent at home, but today people practice to spend Easter in another city. We recommend you to look at the wide offer and celebrate Easter in Belgrade. Get to know Serbian customs and experience another culture for one day. Easter in Belgrade has a special charm if you walk to the Church of St. Sava and enjoy the exhibitions dedicated to this holiday.

Easter is a symbol of hope, renewal and new life. It teaches us that life never ends and that love never dies.

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