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Eco concept

Eco concept

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about different ways of protecting the environment.

Believing we could help, we became interested in finding ways to reduce non-organic products and provide better, both to our guests and the planet.

The Eco concept is centered on the idea of ​​sustainability, and sustainability refers to the ability to meet needs with resources that allow for no future consequences due to their use. The eco concept focuses on reducing our impact on the environment by using resources in a sustainable way.

The most common examples of the eco concept are: waste reduction, resource conservation, use of renewable energy choices,...

Eco concept

One of the most harmful factors of nature is plastic. The very composition of plastic is dangerous for humans and nature, and it takes years to decompose one bottle... That's why we try to reduce the use of plastic.

Accordingly, we have replaced the standard plastic key cards with eco cards, i.e. wooden key cards. The advantages of the new eco cards are countless. Natural material, high-quality composition, safe for humans and nature..

We were particularly concerned about the use of paper and unnecessary printing, which is why we replaced the Guest directory / compendium (a book containing all information about the hotel) with QR codes in the rooms, as well as on the key card cases.

Another way we support the eco concept is that we have introduced "Rituals cosmetics". Most of these products are almost completely natural and formulated from ingredients that are not harmful to our skin or to nature, and the packaging used for these products generally has refillable packages or those that are completely degradable.

We would like to point out that we also offer our guests the option of renting electric scooters, and thus appeal to the use of more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. This reduces air pollution and excessive fuel consumption.

Visit us and see for yourself the effort we invest in Eco Concept. We have chosen the best for you.

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